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Bextra West Bale Feeder


(Inventory #6485)

Made of 14 gauge 1-1/2" round tube for extra strength and 18 gauge galvaneal for longer life.  Guaranteed for 5 years that your animals won't tear it up.

Hay savings are up to 70% over conventional feeders and consistent with more costly and cumbersome cone feeders.  Cattle eat from the bottom of the feeder in their natural grazing position.  Feeds square, round or loose hay.  Great for adualt and young cattle.

Price: $725.00

Titan Bull Master

Bullmaster Livestock Mineral Feeder

Bull Master doesn't cost - it saves!  Bull Master is a field proven, inexpensive, non-tipable, weather-proof mineral feeder.  Livestock nose under and raise edge of overlapping, circular, flexible shield to feed on minerals.  Use with cattle, horses, sheep, goats, etc.

*  15 gallon rubber tub.

*  35" base.

*  13" height.

*  Weighs 55#.

*  36" diameter, 3/8" thick rubber lid.

*  3, 9/16" diameter, 14" stakes.

*  Saves those expensive minerals from rain, wind and tippage.

Price: Please Call

Titan Dustacator



Combination Mineral Feeder and Livestock Dusting Device.

Dustacator has been proven on farms and ranches just like yours since 1974 as a positive and potent method of controlling face flies, horn flies, lice and the elimination of pinkeye from your cattle.

Your cattle come to the duster for salt or minerals and thrust their heads under and up into the dust-release skirt.  This effectively cases a "dusting" of the face and head area of each animal.  The cattle then sling the dust over the rest of their body, accomplishing complete fly control.

Dustacator is easy to service.  Simply rremove the wing nut and take off the lid.  Load the unit with four salt or mineral blocks and just one twelve and one-half pound bag of dust.  Twenty five pounds of dust will service 50 cows and calves up to six weeks.

*  Unit rotates on upright-also adjustable up or down.

*  Dust Bag divided into six pockets to assure uniform dusting (replaceaable).

*  15 gallon rubber tub for loose mineral.

*  Block holder  holds four salt or protein blocks.

*  46" leg extensions.

*  Weighs 165#.

Price: Please Call

Titan West 20' Easy Empty Portable Hay Trailer
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(Inventory #13791)

Hydraulic dump/adjustable width.  Galvaneal pan sheets.  Insert available for $340.00.


Price: $6,570.00

Titan West Calf Caddy

For information about this Titan West calf caddy go to this website:  www.titanwestinc.com


Price: Please Call

Titan West Model 3000 Combo Chute
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(Inventory #14106)

Animat floor.  Priefert Model 91 headgate.  Removable chest rest.  Dropgate in front of palpation cage.  Palpation cage EZ latch - left hand.

Klewein brown.

Price: $5,500.00

Titan West Model 4000C Standard Cattleman Chute II
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(Inventory #14105)

Hydraulic horizontal headgate.  Hydraulic neck extender and pressure relief.  Hydraulic center squeeze.  Hydraulic rear gate.  Animat floor.  Removable chest rest. 


Price: $8,340.00

Titan West Model 6000 EZ Care Hydraulic Chute
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(Inventory #13792)

Horizontal headgate.  Left hand controls.  Hydraulic headgate (guides sleeved in poly tube).  Hydraulic neck extender and pressure relief.  Parallel center squeeze (guides sleeved in poly tube).  Hydraulic rear gate.  Max grip floor.  Removable chest rest.  Bull package; 12" longer.  Includes (2) palpation doors.  Rear door remote valve -- left side.  Window louvres - hydraulic chute.  Swing arm for controls.  Price does not include any power supply.

Klewein brown.

Price: $17,900.00

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