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Titan West OK Corral

(Inventory #13035)

The Titan West OK Corral can be set up in 15 minutes by one person.  Pulls just like a 24' gooseneck stock trailer.  Capacity of this unit is approximately 55 - 65 pairs or 80 - 100 head.  Panel supports on each 24' panel.  Wheel kit for 18' panel.  Walk thru gate in back (2) 24' panels - installed in 24' panels.

Options available:

* Panel hangers to handle 4 extra panels.

* Removable rear hitch to pull chute, alley, panel trailers, etc.


Price: $12850.00

Titan West Portable 16' Loading Chute
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(Inventory #12851)

Catwalk which is removable and can be put on either side.  Rumber floor.  Two panel carriers.

Klewein brown.

Price: Please Call

Titan West Stationary Tub & Alley


We are handling Titan West permanent working facilities also.  Let us help you find what will fit into your operation.  From curved to straight, twin alleys are all fully adjustable with our EZ adjust frames.  10' tub is standard.  Give us a call or mail for a quote or with questions on any of the Titan West equipment. 

Price: Please Call

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